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Title: Start Your Own Business - 24 contact hours

Course Code:
FETAC Level 5

This is a comprehensive dynamic, practical course at the end of which the participant will be able to:

  • Decipher if their idea is feasible
  • Understand what is involved in starting and running a successful business
  • Assess themselves for the job of starting and developing their own business
  • Set realistic goals and targets for themselves and translate to business goals
  • Use the toolkit provided to them on this course to start to develop and grow a successful business
  • Prepare a business plan - template is provided in soft and hard copy (long and short versions made available to Trainees in soft copy)
  • Have a list of useful telephone numbers and contacts
  • Know supports available local and national
  • Network effectively - place and presentation. Building relationships.
  • Make sales open and close sales, useful negotiation techniques
  • Use the internet and technology to promote your product or service
  • Collect money - Cash management and debt collection including cashflow forecasting
  • Plan and conduct basic market research
  • Register the business with the appropriate places, e.g. companies office
  • Choose an appropriate business structure for their business idea
  • Understand difference between company and sole trader
  • Cost and price a product/service
  • List sources of finance and assistance available to start-up businesses
  • Use simple, practical promotion and advertising techniques
  • Understand  up to date tax obligations, deductible expenses, allowances and reliefs.
  • Be aware of safety legislation and minimum requirements
  • Operational issues, e.g. supplier profiling, premises, quality, insurance, technology
  • Be aware of employment legislation and implications of taking on employees
  • Time management (linked to costing)
  • Work Life Balance
  • Intellectual property and introduction to legal protection of same
  • Other ways of getting into business: Buy an existing business, franchising


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